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Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to come in two different sizes

October 1, 2015

As per the latest updates Samsung is going to launch Galaxy s7 and S7 edge flagship phones a day before MWC annual event which means we have to wait for February 21st. Both phone's will run on Android marshmallow v.6 operating system and have snapdragon 820 processor.

Obviously, Apple is not the only company offering two or more new smartphones with similar specs in different sizes. Samsung's alleged plans seems to follow the lead in Cupertino fairly closely, although Sony uses the exact same strategy with its main Xperia Z lineup. According to latest details Sony Xperia Z6: company is preparing to launch Xperia Z6 in late 2016 which may be around September.

Galaxy S7

The new apparatus will also supposedly offer some upgraded hardware, including a Snapdragon 820 chip and 4GB of RAM. Samsung may pack in a 4K display, which Sony already did with its Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

It is not clear what this means for the Edge series of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S7 might not come with a curved-screen variant in any way, though an Edge device could show up when the brand new Note usually debuts. On the other hand, the organisation could also push its Edge design even harder by removing all other options, though that seems unlikely for now.

Of course this is still just a rumour, so we wouldn't get overly excited about a new Samsung phablet debut anytime soon. It's possible next year, the organisation will stick to its regular agenda, in which case it could be a while before we see another super-sized main phone from the South Korean giant.

We will update you soon with more details of Galaxy S7 Smartphone here so stay tuned with us.

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