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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to Have 30 Megapixel Camera, 4 GB of RAM

November 25, 2015

Update: As per the latest reports of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note, company has planned to skip Note 6 this year and carry on its Note series with Galaxy Note 7 smartphone which is going to release soon. The phone is expected to be available by August end as the release date is officially announced. Its going to release on August 2 this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has just made it completely through the market and yet rumours of its own potential successor are already in the air. For now, Samsung has stayed mum on the successor, understandably since the main focus right now is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Consequently, all word now are pure rumors and speculations, and its validity may depend a lot on where the sources are coming from. Here are a few of the stuff being mentioned around though its release is pretty much far off. Samsung is going to kick start 2016 with launching Galaxy S7 at MWC 2016 event.

Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specifications and Rumors

Leading the listing of murmurs is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be powered by a 16-core Exynos central processing unit, something that could perhaps be clocked up to 3.0 GHz at the least. The screen display size remains to be seen though it'll most likely be similar if not larger than the 5.7-inch display that Galaxy Note 5 currently boasts. The screen will most likely be a Super AMOLED 4K screen seeing such is what most apparatus are currently leaning on and might not be unmalleable too.

Should the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 come out with a powerful Exynos chip, such could likely require reliable supporting RAM. If so, 8GB of RAM might be packed with the Galaxy Note 6. As far as internal storage is worried, the apparatus may likely come out with a choice of storage.

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One can only imagine the great photo or video quality this type of camera could bring in the event that Samsung does offer it via that high megapixel count. It's thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could potentially sport a 4,500 mAh at the least. Binding all those gossips together, it might suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will cost a lot of money. Should all these specs come out as expected, Venture Capital Post theorized the device could very well play somewhere in the $1,300 price range. Before leaving oyu must see:

Coming on to price of Galaxy Note 6, the high specs alone speaks for it. Would this stop buyers from possibly getting one just in case? Most likely not considering how some folks end up getting devices as such and have defied the high costs. For now Samsung will release Note 6 in late 2016 which means in September. So, we have quite large time to wait and see other news and leaks of this flagship. Stat tuned with us for more updates Note 6 Smartphone. Some news also pointed for Galaxy Grand 3 and Galaxy Note Edge 2 as these two can also join Galaxy Party this year. We are going to update you for more specs and details on Galaxy Note 7 here. So, stay tuned with us.

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